Silvio Tendler – Os Anos JK – Uma Trajetoria Politica AKA The JK Years – A Political History (1980)


Documentary about Brazilian history, from 1945 until the 70s, focusing on president Juscelino Kubitschek, his political rise, his philosophy of economical development, his gigantic project of constructing a new capital city for the country, Brasília, in the middle of the jungle, and his last years, after the military takeover, when he was deprived of his political rights and went into a temporary exile.

1954: President’s Getulio Vargas suicide.
1955: political crisis threatens Juscelino Kubitschek, the elected president.
1956: JK takes presidency. Promises democracy and development. The construiction of Brasíli beings.
1960: JK inaugurates Brasília.
1961: JK gives way to the new president, Jânio Quadros. Seven months after taking office, Janio resigns. Joao Goular (aka Jango) the vice-president takes over. Crisis.
1964: A military coup d’etat;Jk is striped of political rights.


Gramado Film Festival, Brazil
Won: Best Editing (Gilberto Santeiro, Francisco Sérgio Moreira )
Special Jury Award (Silvio Tendler )
Nominated: Best Film (Silvio Tendler)

Silver Daisy award
Silver Daisy award for Silvio Tendler


Getulio Vargas

About JK – link

History of Brazil, 1945-1964 – link

Subtitles:English, Spanish. Srt.

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