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Jacques Tati – Jour de fête AKA The Village Fair [1964 re-edited version] (1949)


Jacques Tati’s award-winning feature début – a dazzling blend of satire and slapstick is early evidence of his unique talent. Acclaimed by international critics as an innovative comic masterpiece, Jour de fête is an hilarious exposé of the modern obsession with speed and efficiency, set amidst the rural surroundings of a tiny French village. Tati plays an appealingly self-deluded buffoon a postman who, impressed by the bristling efficiency of the American postal system, makes a wholly misguided attempt to introduce modern methods in the depths of rural France.

Tati’s re-edit of his original black and white version, featuring a new character and hand-painted details and English voice-over.

Language(s):French & English voice-over


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