Marcel Carné – Les visiteurs du soir AKA The Devil’s Envoys (1942)


Two wandering minstrels, Gilles and Dominique, arrive at the castle of the Baron Hugh just as he announces the engagement of his daughter Anne to the knight Renaud. However Gilles and Dominique have really sold their souls to The Devil and have been charged with traveling throughout the land and tempting mortals into damnation by causing them to fall in love with them. Dominique causes both Renaud and Hugh to fall for her. Meanwhile Gilles seduces Anne but then falls for her himself. And so The Devil arrives in person to visit a cruel punishment on the two lovers.

Eng srt:

Subtitles:French SDH (idx/sub),English

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  1. The English subtitles in the .srt file above is for the BluRay version of this film. Not only are the subtitles out of synch by about 40 secs, the film runs faster than the subtitles do, so you cannot even correct this problem.

    The other English .srt file at opensubtitles appears to be the one intended for the DVD rip:

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