Edgardo Castro – La noche (2016)


Gritty journey through the sexual underbelly of Buenos Aires, with graphic depictions of the highs and lows in one man’s quest for intimacy.

The story tells, from an accentuated hyper-realistic aesthetic, the life of Martin, a man in his forties who is desperately lonely and seeks, through sex, some company, to spend that time of which nothing seems to be expected. Under this constant desolation, he finds in cocaine, alcohol and in some other orgy a state of momentary pleasure every night.

Martin moves around Buenos Aires at night, picking up guys, going to clubs, scoring drugs and having sex. Sometimes he’s paying and sometimes his trans sex-worker friend or another woman takes him along for a threesome. With this matter-of-fact premise, first-time director Edgardo Castro (who also stars as Martin) takes us through the sexual underworld of the city. His film perfectly – and painfully – captures the feeling of being totally messed-up and of coming down, humiliated, and heading homeward in the early hours of the morning. It’s bleak and uncompromising yet compelling. Its grungy shooting style matches the graphic material and there is something of Gaspar Noé to La Noche’s provocation. If the film refuses to question Martin’s motivations, or enquire as to the reason for his out-at-sea emotional state, surprising moments of tenderness offer a glimpse of intimacy and connection, accentuating the film’s incredible power.

A dizzying, endless and unique way all night setbacks. Sex, drugs and drinks alternate between meeting and encounter, creating a continuous openly, in front of a camera as bold as curious, who dares to cross it all.


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