Paul Almond – Isabel (1968)


A woman believes she is beginning to lose her mind when she begins seeing ghosts and spirits.

As a comment on religious repression, familial ostracism, and subliminal incestuous urges, this film might have some value.

I knew nothing about the film before I walked in the theatre. It turned out to be a “coming of age” experience. The face of the young Genevieve Bujold was captivating. Then the lovely locations, odd music and even odder characters took over. The movie held me spellbound with a sense of unexplainable, frightening acts about to occur. More than once I was jolted right out of my seat. Even though I didn’t begin to comprehend the events in her life, I completely believed in Isabel as a person who could survive a series of random threats. Bujold’s performance moved me deeply with beautifully understated moments of fear, confusion and hope. Her director/husband may not know how to tell a story but he can fill the screen with tension, misery and awe. This movie is a time capsule of a girl/woman’s torn-apart and put-back-together life.


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