Bethel Buckalew – The Dirty Mind of Young Sally (1970)

Saucy, husky-voiced, totally liberated and uninhibited free spirit Sally McGuire (a winning performance by the lusciously bouncy’n’bountiful redhead soft-core starlet Sharon Kelly) gleefully disrupts the drab tranquility of a sleepy armpit California burg by broadcasting from the back of her mobile van. Sally’s shockingly ribald pirate radio program heats up the airwaves and turns on an avid libidinous swinger audience with a tantalizingly salacious mix of raunchy music, naughty sex talk, and ecstatic moans of pure pleasure Sally makes while caressing herself, masturbating and even making love live over the air. Naturally, a bunch of comically uptight no-fun guardians of the tediously repressive status quo want to nab Sally and put her out of business, but both Sally and her rascally hillbilly engineer partner-in-crime Toby (the ever-wacky George “Buck” Flower in peak goofball form) are far too quick and wily to be easily apprehended. Since this was written, directed and produced by Bethal Buckalew, the man responsible for such tasty low-grade trash as “Country Cuzzins” and “Sassy Sue,” we all know what to expect: broadly caricatured goonybird characters, ripely hammy acting, a groovy soundtrack loaded with fuzztone guitar-burning rock tunes, grainy cinematography, and more hilariously giddy tongue-in-cheek stupidity than you can shake a microphone at. Better still, the copious semi-pornographic sex scenes are every bit as sweaty, strenuous and steamy as they ought to be, with the definite highlight being when Sally and Toby dance the horizontal mambo in the back of Sally’s souped-up shaggin’ wagon. A satisfyingly sloppy sliver of 70’s sin cinema.

1.46GB | 1h 35m | 710×480 | mkv


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