John Ford – Arrowsmith (1931)


Promising medical student Martin Arrowsmith turns down a chance to do research at the McGurk Institute with Professor Max Gottlieb because he wants to marry his sweetheart Leora Tozer. The newlyweds have a tough time on the rural doctoring circuit in Minnesota, but through the encouragement of touring lecturer Gustav Sondelius Martin finds his way back to the Institute in New York with Gottlieb. After a couple years, he’s “scooped” on a major find by Louis Pasteur, but then takes a dangerous trip to the Caribbean to do experimental serum trials on a runaway plague.

In this adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Sinclair Lewis, Dr. Martin Arrowsmith, an idealistic small town doctor, relocates to the West Indies hoping to end the bubonic-plague epidemic. While there, he must reconcile his desire for prestige with the needs of real people in pain.

Subtitles:English, French, Spanish

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