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Vlatko Gilic – In continuo (1971)


SIlver Bear Berlin Festival Winner – Best Short FIlm

In continuo (1971), koji je nagrađen kao Najbolji kratki film na Berlinskom filmskom festivalu te godine, za koga se – bez sumnje – može reći da je u međunarodnim razmjerama uzdrmao ili preispitao pojmove i žanrove kratkog filma, dokumentarnog filma, te upotrebe simbola i metaforičkog značenja u paralelnilm

In Continuo uses slaughterhouse imagery to present the warlike nature of man, first depicting the cleaning and mechanical preparations for the slaughterhouse and then the killing, however, the animal slaughter itself isn’t shown.

Screen:Shorts by Vlatko Gilic, Yugoslav, at Forum
Published: January 18, 1974 NYT

Moisture makes dried blood flow again: there’s a shock in that discovery as a hand scrubs the stained walls of a slaughterhouse, where men in white aprons prepare for the day’s killing. “In Continuo” is one of four recent documentaries by the Yugoslav film maker Vlatko Gilic, who has won five prizes in his own country, several in Germany and deserves many more. His work can be seen at the Film Forum, at 256 West 88th Street, through Sunday and Jan. 24-27. Don’t miss it.

Within the slaughterhouse, the preparations are quite ritualistic, as the men carefully wash the floor and sharpen knives that aren’t intended for carving cooked meat—but for cutting into live flesh. Suspense builds up to the carnage that we know will come. The animals’ slaughter isn’t shown; instead, thick blood oozes and swirls toward the gutters, and the evocation is more powerful than seeing the act itself. The men’s serious, intent faces imply that there are no jokes on this job. At first, they seem like soldiers getting ready for battle — later, as though they’re in the middle of a war.




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