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Niklaus Hilber – Amateur Teens (2015)


Since Larry Clark’s Kids broke all the rules, more than two decades ago, pictures dealing with youth have definitely changed in scope, tone and subject. New technologies only added to the mix – with smartphones and the Internet making all trends and information easily accessible to a younger and younger crowd.

Amateur Teens, the feature film debut by Zurich-based director Niklaus Hilber, deals with the perils of teenagers of today’s Switzerland, focusing on the usual themes of puberty – friendship, school, love and sex – with a new twist and a considerable dose of violence.

After a year of research, Hilber, who studied direction at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and screenwriting at American Film Institute, penned the script with Patrick Tönz going for a very realistic approach, trying to reproduce the language of youth and their current lives.

There’s no central role in the film, as we follow six main characters through their secondary school stories, that range from bullying to virtual love to obsession for pornography, making for a very strong cinematic statement.



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