Various – The Dream Machine (1980 – 1983)


reviev of Dream Machine from link
Burroughs’ Dream Machine On Film… Nearly., 26 March 2004
Author: scottanthony from Dorset, England

In theory: a short non-narrative film made to commemorate the visit of Burroughs and Gysin to the UK. In practice: four shorts (directed by Jarman, Kostiff, Maybury and Wyn Evans) broken up by footage of Gysin gazing at said machine.

In general, all of the shorts follow a similar template – homo-erotic images (cute boys dressed as angels etc) cut together with all manner of unpleasant ones in the name of ‘hallucinogenic experience’. Maybe like the effect of using the machine itself, the glimpses of poetry or associational insight are fleeting. Unless repetitive student-film nihilism and gay porn are your bag, that is.

Though it’s not without some interest, and is undeniably haunting in places, The Dream Machine’s far from a major work.


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