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John Cassavetes – “The Lloyd Bridges Show” A Pair of Boots (1962)


The first of two episodes of the Lloyd Bridges show directed by Cassavetes. Featuring familiar faces from his stable of actors – this time its John Marley and Seymour Cassel from Faces (among other films).

Alan Shepherd visits a Civil War museum commemorating the Centennial and is attracted to one of its artifacts, a pair of old boots. He imagines what the man who wore them felt during the battle. In his vision, he becomes a Confederate sergeant for a ceasefire with Union soldiers after a bloody battle to treat their wounded and bury their dead. The truce is violated by a Confederate private who covets a pair of boots worn by a Union soldier. The rebel sneaks into enemy lines, kills the Yankee and steals the boots only to discover the footwear of huge holes in their soles. Furious over the violation, the Yankees hurl themselves against the Confederate lines resulting in massive casualties for both sides.

—David Bassler



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