1971-1980Bigas LunaCrimeDramaSpain

Bigas Luna – Tatuaje, primera aventura de Pepe Carvalho AKA Tattoo, the First Adventure of Pepe Carvalho (1976)


Summary from filmaffinity:
On a beach in Barcelona, the body of a young man is discovered. His face eaten by fish, tattooed on his arm is the phrase: “I was born to revolutionize hell”. So begins a strange enigma. To start with, a name, an identity for this dead man must be found. This is the task facing Pepe Carvalho, Galician detective, former CIA agent and professional skeptic, none of which prevents him from enjoying and savoring the pleasures of good food and good sex. In the underworld of Barcelona and in the streets and canals of Amsterdam. Carvalho is soon coming up with some answers.



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