Noboru Tanaka – Tenshi no harawata: Nami aka Angel Guts: Nami (1979)


The series really hits its stride by the third film, Nami, which is both the artistic pinnacle of the Angel Guts cycle and a roaring good time for devotees of outrageous cinema. A spate of sexual assaults motivates tenacious reporter Nami (Kanuma) to investigate the victims and the circumstances of the crimes, but her probing leads to the awakening of some very dark impulses within herself. Chasing down the girls with her crew and indulging in masturbatory bathtub fantasies afterwards, Nami eventually crosses the line when she prods one subject into sheer insanity.

Featuring one of the most delirious third acts in ’70s sex cinema (involving thunderstorms, a mad nun, a morgue, and a dildo attack), Nami maintains a respectfully disdaining attitude towards rape but veers so far into the flat-out surreal that it’s impossible to swallow as a “realistic” statement like its predecessors. Each scene becomes more stylized than the last until the viewer is submerged in a series of fantastic, surreal set pieces which blur the line between fantasy and reality; the last ten minutes in particular could have stepped right out of a Jodorowsky film. Don’t miss.

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