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Helene Hegemann – Torpedo (2008)


After her mother’s death, 15-year old Mia moves in with her aunt, the actress Cleo, who lives with her son Fritzi in a shared apartment in Berlin. Mia lingers for stability and attention but in between Cleo’s rehearsals at the theatre and her relationally disturbed housemate Elisa, she finds herself in a world of adults who themselves seem to be unable to cope with life. (cineuropa)
Mia is fifteen and definitely more traumatized than necessarily needed. After her mother’s death she moves in with her aunt Cleo what throws her right in the middle of Berlins left progressive art scene. Mia has given up hope to grow up in somewhat normal family relations – and from now on she tries to establish herself in the adult world, a world more bizarre than any youth might have imagined. (credofilm.de)
Helene Hegemann: she was 13 when her mother committed suicide. Aged 14, she came to Berlin to join her father, the renowned dramaturgist at the Volksbühne, Carl Hegemann. Aged 15, she shot the short film “Torpedo”. With passion and a touch of megalomania, Helene Hegemann transformed her own life drama into a precocious work of art – and won one of this year’s Max Ophüls prizes. (dw-world.de)


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