1971-1980DramaJames GoldstoneThrillerUSA

James Goldstone – Rollercoaster (1977)


Originally augmented with the Sensurround technique to simulate the thrills of its title, “Rollercoaster” spins a tale of one man holding thousands of lives at stake. A quiet man with a deep understanding of explosives, rollercoasters and electronics — and possibly a traumatic history in the Vietnam War — targets the patrons of an amusement park for his million-dollar extortion scheme. He informs federal agents and the owners of the park that he has planted a bomb and he demands $1,000,000. When they call his bluff, he detonates a device on a popular rollercoaster that sends cars and riders hurtling off the tracks. The authorities then call on the one man who can outsmart the bomber… and prevent any other losses.


























Subtitles:English, Spanish

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