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Yves Boisset – Espion, leve-toi (1982)

Sébastien Grenier,a secret agent eliminates all his rivals in order to decipher who has killed some of his associates.

Sebastien Grenier (Lino Ventura), a former French spy, is working as a financial analyst in Zurich and cultivating an on-going relationship with Anna Gretz (Krystyna Janda), a German teaching at the university. Then his peaceful existence starts to disintegrate when he is recruited by a top French intelligence operative (Michel Piccoli) to discover how one of their own secret agents was found out and executed in broad daylight by a gang of terrorists. Sebastien starts to work but is immediately put off by the fact that his contacts are being murdered before he can reach them. As he gets deeper and deeper into the case, he comes to realize that he is being used in an elaborate political scheme, a scheme that leads to the death of Anna and a vow to get the killers who have now ruined what is left of his life. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

Réalisé par Yves Boisset en 1982, ce film extrêmement bien réalisé raconte l’histoire de Sébastien Grenier (un espion dormant) vivant à Zürich et soudainement réveillé par ses anciens employeurs. D’abord réticent, il finira par accepter de reprendre du service surtout après la disparition de ses anciens amis. Réalisé avec un excellent casting (Lino Ventura – Michel Piccoli – Bruno Cremer et Bernard Fresson), ce film est à l’opposé des films d’espionnage aux multiples gadgets et base toute sa réussite sur un scénario parfait. Entre considération politique et film d’espionnage, Yves Boisset est parfaitement à l’aise et le spectateur passe un excellent moment en se demandant jusqu’au bout qui est le mauvais. A signaler également l’extraordinaire musique d’Ennio Morricone. C. Druez, Amazon Fr.

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