Dino Risi – Sessomatto AKA How Funny Can Sex Be? (1973)



Sessomatto, or Crazy Love, or How Funny Can Sex Be? is a series of nine short sketches, all of them starring Giancarlo Giannini, and eight of the nine starring Laura Antonelli. They are:

Signora Sono Le Otto. A woman’s butler is in love with her.

Due Cuori E Una Baracca. (Two Hearts and a Shack.) A couple with a bunch of kids live in a shack and fight a lot.

Non E’ Mai Troppo Tardi. (Never Too Late.) A man with a beautiful wife prefers old women.

Viaggio di Nazzi. (Honeymoon.) A man gets aroused on public transportation, but not in bed. His wife finally suggests the hotel elevator.

Torna Piccina Mia. (My Piccina Returns.) A man hires a hooker and dresses and coaches her to be like his dead wife.

Lavoratore Italiano All’ Estero. (Italian Worker in a Foreign Country.) A man visits a fertility clinic to leave a sperm donation. He fantasizes about a nun/nurse to get excited.

La Vendetta. A woman avenges her husband’s death by fucking his enemy to death.

Un Amore Difficile. (A Difficult Love.) A man travels to see his long lost brother, and falls for a transvestite hooker.

L’Ospite. (The Host.) A wife flirts with her husband’s dinner guest.


Subtitles:English, Italian (muxed)

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