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Jack Deveau – Left-handed (1972)


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Taglines: This is Ray. He is Left Handed…..

Story about an antique dealer, his hustler boyfriend, and their pot dealer — and the relationships that ensue; Deveau’s first film.

This film was the first Hand-in-Hand movie, the first scripted gay porn flic, and the first musically scored gay porn flic. It opened in the same 55th Street Playhouse as Wakefield Poole’s Boys in the Sand, just after Boys ended it’s 26 week run. The original version had a fisting scene that has been removed in more recent versions. Dialog is dubbed. 8 scenes listed here but it was sold in 6 200′ reels.

Reel 1 is primarily concerned with the model who is the supplier stopping in a rest room and having sex with a stranger. Reel 2, the buyer gets his grass, goes home and fantasizes sex with the dealer, clever use of b/w and color in the fantasy sequence. Reel 3 gets the supplier and the buyer together by accidental encounter, into the apartment for a smoke and sex, in bed and in the shower. Reel 4 takes them out in the country to the buyer’s home, shared with a chick. The supplier follows and the boys go do it in the barn. Reel 5 continues, the chick gone, the boys balling by the fireplace, then in bed. Reel 6 Is an orgy at the apartment of the dealer, the supplier right in the middle of it, and the buyer catching him. Everyone makes it.


About the Director: Jack Deveau was the president of Hand In Hand Films, probably the most well-regarded “all-male cast” studio in the 1970’s (Studflix called him the “master of narrative gay porn”). Director of the following films, you will also see his name as producer of many others, directed by the likes of Tom DeSimone, Peter de Rome, and Arch Brown; as well as an occasional “acting” role (like in Adam and Yves). He got his start in the business after his lover, Bob Alvarez (already working in commercial film, and who would edit all of Jack’s films), and pal Sal Mineo tried talking him into it. Mineo took Jack to a production meeting for an upcoming film of his, and after Jack heard the film executives say “some of the dumbest things” he’d ever heard, he knew he could do better! Deveau died in 1982 of lung cancer.

Left-Handed (1972)
Story about an antique dealer, his hustler boyfriend, and their pot dealer — and the relationships that ensue; Deveau’s first film. Fantastic trippy opening sequence. Basic plot is about a gay man who seduces a straight man, and how the realtionship develops from the “traditional” role of the gay man as “bottom”, and how the roles reverse as the film progresses, to the point of the straight man getting into gay orgy scenes. Includes one str8 sex scene. Unfortunately, the brief fisting scene is “blurred” in the video version (which, of course, is better than what was done in L.A. Plays Itself, chopping the fisting scene almost completely out of the video version altogether!). Left Handed opened in 1972 at Manhattan’s notorious all-male showcase, the 55th Street Playhouse. Ray Frank, Robert Rika, and Larry Burns; plus: Al Mineo (hmmm), Bob Williams, Teri Reardon, Alex Marks, and Warren Mans



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