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Joel Seria – Mais ne nous delivrez pas du mal AKA: Don’t Deliver Us from Evil [+Extras] (1970)


IMDB wrote:
Shocking and disturbing

This obscure French film, still unavailable in English, is a more fictionalized and much more exploitative version of the same real-life murder later covered in Peter Jackson’s “Heavenly Creatures”. The two girls in this movie, however, are decidedly less sympathetic than the heroines of the later movie and they commit not only murder, but every form of religious sacrilege, as well as some unforgivable cruelty to some birds belonging to a poor, retarded handyman. It is thus pretty hard to feel much sympathy toward them (even if I could understand most of what they were saying).

The two girls are also decidedly younger than their juicy counterparts in “Heavenly Creatures” and the scenes of them prancing around in their underwear or one of the nymphets deliberately enticing a much older man and nearly being raped TWICE make for some decidedly uncomfortable viewing. To the movie’s credit these scenes are obviously intended to shock and disturb much more than titillate (and anyone who finds themselves being turned on by them probably has a lot bigger problems than this movie). The ending is very memorable and truly shocking. I would kind of like to watch this movie with English or Spanish subtitles, but I’m not really sure I could sit through it again.

The Extras:
Hellish Creatures (Documentary) In English
Interview with Jeanne Goupil – English subs
Interview with Joel Seria – English subs



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