Takahisa Zeze – Karura no yume aka Dream of Garuda (1994)


A convicted rapist, Ikuo is released from prison and goes in pursuit of the woman he raped, Mieko. So obsessed is he with revenge he see’s her in every woman he meets. After carrying out vicious attacks on a prostitute and a young girl he finally comes face to face with her. Mieko tells him she wants to escape from Tomimori. To redeem himself in her eyes Ikuo takes her plea to the extreme resulting in inextricable tragedy for them all. The film is set in Japan’s notorious ‘soaplands’ – areas where young women offer bathing and massage to men, as a way round the laws prohibiting prostitution.

PINK CINEMA: In the early sixties the long established Japanese studio system began to break down. To stave off bankruptcy the Nikkatsu Company, Japan’s oldest major, began production of what is called roman-porn eiga (`romantic-pornographic movies’). These low budget sex films, previously the fare of small independents, were to attract not only established porn directors but respected film makers from both the mainstream and the avant-garde.
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Subtitles:English (Hardcoded)

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