2011-2020Arturo González VillaseñorDocumentaryMexico

Arturo González Villaseñor – Llévate mis amores AKA All Of Me (2014)


The parts of the Planet we call Mexico and the United States share the greatest region with socio-economic-political differences. That makes it a bridge for thousands of migrants who expose themselves to every danger as they travel through the continent on a train called “The Beast.” That’s where they meet the Patronas, a group of women from the part of the Planet we call Mexico who, every day since 1995, make food and toss it to the helpless as the train rushes by.

This documentary is an intimate approach, a personal diary that draws a border between the life they were given and the life they chose. In the midst of a part of the Earth at war, in a world where all hope seems lost, the Patronas breathe life into a human value that seems to be fading with each day: love for one another. A courageous and amazing example of love and solidarity that contrast with the violence of one of the most cruel paths of the world for travelers without documents/papers.


Subtitles:English [Hard]

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