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Eric Rohmer – L’ami de mon amie AKA My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (1987)


Boyfriends & Girlfriends is the sixth of French director Eric Rohmer’s “Comedies et Proverbes” cycle. The sterility of the “new”, prefabricated Parisian suburb of Cergy-Pontoise is used as the backdrop for the colorful activities of the film’s five principals (literally colorful, in that each character is represented by a different hue). The dramatis personae includes Ministry of Cultural Affairs worker Blanche (Emmanuelle Chaulet); Blanche’s friend, computer school student Lea (Sophie Renoir); Lea’s beau (Eric Viellard); unregenerate “wolf” (Francois-Eric Gendron); and his lady friend, iconoclastic art student Adrienne (Anne-Laure Meury). A windsurfing weekend is the scene for an elongated shakeup and reassessment of everyone’s relationships.
@Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

From an IMDb reviewer:
“‘Love, friendship, dilemmas’
I love Rohmer’s films. Even more those in the cycle Comedies and Proverbs. They’re dissertations about love, friendship and the fine line between the two. In Rohmer’s world, love and what leads to it is comparable to an algebraic formula: A is to C what B is to A. Again in this one, a lot of interesting dialog, in which every line incites us to reflect. Like this one: “Maybe it’s because I didn’t love her anymore that I went back with her”. In fact, dialog and interaction between the characters are the only thing that matter in this movie. Everything else his not important. And as for characters, there is just a few, so you get to know them. You know what they want and how they react when they get it.”

I’m wonder how much Rohmer got for having the Pepsi glass?



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