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Torben Skjødt Jensen – Den Grimme Dreng AKA Naughty Boy (1996)


Ole Ege was as a film producer and director one of the pioneers behind the development of the pornographic market in Denmark. In this documentary he talks about his obsession with erotic motifs, from 50s striptease movie, the legalization of pornography in the late1960’s, the ’70s, when the less charming hard porn made its entry. Ege detoxified over film production and was director of the Erotic Museum in Copenhagen. The film includes clips from a large part of Ole Ege productions.

This BBC2 broadcast has English narration with English subtitles when Ole Ege is speaking in Danish. When Denmark legalised pornography in 1969, Danish filmmaker Ole Ege led the way, pushing the boundaries of acceptability to the limit. This documentary profiles Ege’s life and work, and examines how a previously prudish society reacted to the sudden advent of total freedom. Ole Ege passionately professes eroticism – the girls, their forms and their nature. He sharply distinguishes between eroticism and pornography, but due to increasing competition, Ole Ege started Color Climax porno films, where he not only filmed girls, but now also let men appear. He talks about his landmark porno features: Pornography: A Musical (1971) & Bordellet (1972) which started a decade-long run of Danish hardcore sex comedies. His involvement with Bodil Joensen [The Boar Girl] who appeared in ‘A Summerday’: July 1970 & many of his own films is also covered.


Language(s):English & Danish

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