Alia Syed – Collected HD Works (1986-1991)


Biographical details:
I am an experimental filmmaker whose work has been shown extensively in cinemas and galleries nationally and internationally. My practise as a filmmaker constitutes ongoing research, exploring the nature and role of language in intercultural communication. This involves a focus on borders and boundaries, translation and the trans-cultured self.

My practise is firmly based within a Fine Art context using formal techniques of editing and optical printing to explore issues of identity and representation.

My interest in story telling, time and memory, the juncture of personal realities, within film narrative, has led me to work in the gallery space. The journey through the gallery, becomes an edit from one film image to another. The seepage of sound – memory – remembered space and actual place within the geography of the gallery and projected frame becomes an extension of the film making process.

Alia Syed is currently AHRB Research Fellow at Southampton Institute

Founded in 1966, the London Film-Makers’ Co-operative started life at Better Books, a counter-culture bookshop on Charing Cross Road, where a group led by poet Bob Cobbing and filmmakers Stephen Dwoskin and Jeff Keen met to screen films. Initially inspired by the activities of the New American Cinema Group in New York, the London Co-op grew into a pioneering organisation that incorporated a film workshop, cinema space and distribution office. During its four-decade history, the Co-op played a crucial role in establishing film as an art form in the UK and participated in a vibrant international film scene. This BFI Player collection brings together new scans of films distributed by and/or produced at the London Co-op.



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