Edgar Reitz – Mahlzeiten AKA Lust for Love (1967)


Synopsis: Lust for Love (“Mahlzeiten”) is the story of Elizabeth (Heidi Stroh), a beautiful and seductive woman who has only one aim: happiness – and as much of it as possible! Like a hungry vampire she devours her husband (Georg Hauke) until he chooses death over life. Soon she must move to another unsuspecting victim.

Influenced by the French Nouveau Vague and shot in beautiful black and white by Thomas Mauch, this film heralded EdgarReitz’s talent. When it was premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 1967 it won him the Best First Film award and in turn launched Reitz onto a world stage.

Reitz received one of his first awards for his film Mahlzeiten which was awarded the prize for best debut work at the Venice Film Festival in 1967.


Language: German (with removable English + German subtitles)
EXTRAS: “Edgar Reitz im Gespräch mit Thomas Koebner” (sorry, no subs!)

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