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Gotot Prakosa – Experimental Shorts by Gotot Prakosa (1977-1982)

Impulse (1977)
An early experimental abstract animation, made by drawing directly on to 16mm film

Images (1978)
Meta Meta
“Images of the life force welling up. This is a film which depicts the visual dreams I had when I was only 12 years old. I made this film in the same way that I paint.”

Kubis (1978)
An experimental short of simple but stimulating visuals, accompanied by a rousing Philip Glass soundtrack.

A Film on Family Planning (1979)
“The letters KB refer to the official term `Keluarga Berencana’, i.e. `Family Planning’. This is a “Non KB” film. A spontaneous vision on the introduction of family planning.”

Self Portrait (1982)
In this experimental, stop-motion short, the filmmaker’s self-portrait is continually created, and re-created.


Language(s):No dialogue

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