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Jean-Luc Godard – Les Carabiniers aka The Riflemen (1963)


Godard’s strangest movie, based on a political play and nurtured along as a project by Rossellini. Two moronic thugs (with ironically ‘classical’ names) join up as soldiers and pillage the world in a global war; they return home to their equally moronic wives and display their spoils. Godard juxtaposes their mindless exploits with extensive archive footage of warfare. His presentation of the sheer idiocy of war admits moments of grotesque humour (one of the soldiers sees his first-ever movie and tries to enter the screen), but it’s mostly a cold and pitiless vision. Perhaps the most usefully extreme film of its kind ever made

Included bonus : Commentary by film critic David Sterritt
(16 mn on a separate film editing, not included as a 2nd audio track)


(brasilian) portuguese srt
spanish srt

Language(s):French (+ english bonus)
Subtitles:English .srt (none for bonus)

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