Kazim Öz – Bahoz AKA Firtina AKA The Storm (2008)


A film about Kurdish students activism during ’90s in Turkey. After passing his university entrance exam, Cemal (Cahit Gok) a Kurdish boy from Tunceli (Dersim) goes to Istanbul. In time Cemal starts to involve in student activists who are mainly from Kurdish background.

Cemal who had been waiting for the university entrance exam with a great excitement passes the exam and comes from his small town to Istanbul. His desolation in the crowd of a big city comes to an end through an anti-system revolutionist group that he meets after months. The disagreement between him and Helin one of the pioneers of the aforementioned group, becomes a starting point for him to realize his own identity. The fire that takes up in his heart and spirit leads him to reading, searching and discovering his identity as the time passes. Rojda and Orhan, who experience the similar process, start to change start to change by the time and each becomes active members of that group.

These young people, who are still at the age of 18-19, start to live within a dreams of changing the world. The idea of “revolution” joins the youthful and dynamic energy and it turns into action.


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Language(s):Turkish, Kurdish

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