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Les Blank & Maureen Gosling – Yum, Yum, Yum! A Taste of Cajun and Creole Cooking (1990)


Yum, Yum, Yum! is a glorius celebration of cooking and eating in Louisiana. It’s Les Blank and Maureen Gosling’s latest love song to the little-known Cajun and Creole cultures of the Gulf Coast and backwood bayous. It’s as seductive as a five-star dinner in one of New Orleans’ top-line restuarants, as simple (and unforgettable) as a home-cooked meal in Eunice.

Paul Prudhomme, who appears in Yum is only one of a number of great Louisiana chefs who spin their wisdom while they demonstate how to make (and eat) scrumptious dishes like crabs and shrimp crepes, dirty rice, frog legs, okra etouffee with shrimp, beef tongue, goo courtbouillon, boudin, candied yams. But Prudhomme is the one who answers one of the burning questions: Why has God blessed Cajun chefs with such high culinary talent? Paul’s reply: “God Is Cajun.”

Blank and Gosling need no fictions, no special effects to enchant us. From a guy harvesting crawfish in the bayou (“they burrer in de groun”) to Queen Ida Guillory cleaning shrimp and cooking up a huge pot of food, these Gulf Coast guides spill their scared secrets in the simplest words: not folk wisdom, just folks. As always, Blank and Gosling’s message is: Look and Listen, and You Will Find Out. An irresistible collection of zydeco and Cajun music adds to the excitement.,_Yum,_Yum!_A_Taste_of_Cajun_and_Creole_Cooking.mkv


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