Luigi Di Gianni – Nascita di un culto (1968)

In the province of Salerno in Campania, a village is attracting more and more pilgrims, sometimes several hundred a day. Arriving by bus, car and even on foot, they pray to Saint Antony to protect them from demons and disasters. They do this through the intermediary of a certain Giuseppina who embodies the dead soul of young Alberto, the grandson of the former seminarian who died accidentally some ten years earlier. Extraordinary behaviour (hysterical screaming, frenzied possession), discreetly tolerated by the Catholic authorities – better a lost sheep than a Communist unbeliever – occurs under a deluge of religious injunctions…

199MB | 17m 03s | 960×540 | mkv


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  1. it´s a pitty without english subtitles :((

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