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Luke Fowler – Jarman Award 2008 (2008)


As the winning artist of the 2008 Film London Jarman Award, Luke Fowler was commissioned to produce four short films for 3 Minute Wonder, Channel 4s shorts strand.

The four films premiered on Channel 4 over four consecutive nights in April 2009. Entitled, Anna, Helen, David and Lester, they are a series of portraits of four diverse individuals brought together through a shared residence – a flat in a Victorian tenement in the West End of Glasgow. Composer: Lee Patterson

Anna.(Jarman.Award 2008).2009.720p
David.(Jarman.Award 2008).2009.720p
Helen.(Jarman.Award 2008).2009.720p
Lester.(Jarman.Award 2008).2009.720p




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