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Masaru Konuma – Wife To Be Sacrificed (1974)



VOL666 wrote:
WIFE TO BE SACRIFICED is another in a long line of sleazy Nikkatsu roman-porn features – and this is another of the better ones. Somewhat reminiscent of the (also excellent) 1969 film BLIND BEAST – WIFE TO BE SACRIFICED explores subjects such as sexual obsession and domination in much the same, albeit much sleazier fashion…

The story revolves around a woman whose husband had disappeared after being arrested for molesting a child. The husband comes back after three years and decides he’s not through with his wife yet. He kidnaps her and puts her through the requisite humiliation and S&M games, including some inventive rope torture, forced pube-shaving, candlestick rape, whipping, toilet humiliation, etc…The wife tries to escape several times but is never successful, and is even raped by two passers-by during one failed escape attempt. Out on an excursion around his property, the husband finds a couple who have attempted suicide, and after raping the female, kidnaps them as well and puts them through some strong “paces” as well – including a forced enema for the young lady. Eventually the psycho’s wife finds that she’s begun to enjoy the twisted “games” as her will has now been broken and re-molded by her whackadoo husband…

There’s plenty to like about WIFE TO BE SACRIFICED – the sleaze is pretty fast and furious, and is about as rough and “explicit” as a pinky-film of the time could get away with. The performances are all believable – especially the weirdo husband and the production values are decent as well. There’s a decent plot mixed in amongst the filth – and this works too. Overall – this is amongst the best Nikkatsu films that I’ve seen, and would rank it a must-see for pinky/roman-porn fans…9/10


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