1961-1970ArthouseDramaMichelangelo AntonioniUSA

Michelangelo Antonioni – Zabriskie Point (1970)


In late 1960s America, at Zabriskie Point, United State’s lowest point, two perfect strangers meet. Mark, a young undergraduate dreamer, during a massive students’ revolt, armed and on the run from the police, he steals a small aeroplane and flies to the safety of the Death Valley, across the vast Californian desert. There, the young hippie student, Daria, is driving across the empty stretch of highway in her Buick, and before long, the two rebellious youngsters will meet, starting off an unrestrained romance, making love at Zabriskie Point’s dusty terrain. Two perfect bodies in a flawed world.
— Nick Riganas.


Subtitles:English (muxed)

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