Raimundas Banionis – Vaikai is Amerikos Viesbucio aka Kids From American Hotel (1990)


Movie about the Lithuanian teenagers of the 1970s

The movie is interesting to watch as it shows the young teenagers of the soviet Lithuania in the 1970s who cherish ideas of hippies, dream of Woodstock, Rolling Stones and try to avoid bad things brought by the Soviet system.

The teenagers manage to have different lifestyle, stand for the ideas of the independent Lithuania, and freedom to listen and avoid traps of the KGB.

The teenagers manage to organize similar event as Woodstock in Lithuania.

Besides that in this movie you will hear good Lithuanian intellectual rock music and will follow interesting love story of the young Lithuanian and the Jewish girl…

See this movie and you will understand more about the struggle of the young Lithuanians against the USSR, more about the power of rock music against the regime, mainstream attitudes..


Subtitles:Burnt English subtitles

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