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Antonio Carlos da Fontoura – Somos Tão Jovens AKA We are So Young (2013)


Somos Tão Jovens (2013)
We are So Young (Portuguese: Somos tão Jovens) is a 2013 Brazilian biographical drama film about Brazilian singer Renato Russo. The film does not follow the life of Renato Russo. The focus is his adolescence, his physical problems and the discover of his love for music. It is directed by Antônio Carlos da Fontoura, written by Marcos Bernstein and starring Thiago Mendonça and Laila Zaid. Was released in Brazilian theaters by distributors Imagem Filmes and Fox Film on May 3, 2013.[3]

In 1973, the Manfredini family moved from Rio to Brasília. Renato, suffered from a rare bone disease, the epiphysiolysis and after surgery he was in need of a wheelchair. Forced to stay at home and being treated with morphine, the young man began to project his plans to become the greatest rock star of Brazil, creating, later, the group Aborto Elétrico, becoming the “Loner Troubadour” and later, creating the band Legião Urbana.

Initially, the idea was to make a documentary about the life of Renato Russo. In 1999, producer Luiz Fernando Borges presented the project to the Manfredini family and received permission to start it. In 2005, the idea of a documentary was changed, and a feature film was already being produced, now under the command of Antonio Fontoura. In mid-2009, part of the cast was confirmed, and filming began only in 2011 in Brasília.



Subtitles: English Portuguese Spanish

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