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Various – Danger Man [Season 2] (1964 – 1965)

Superb!, 30 June 2005
Author: P_Cornelius

A terrific show, Danger Man. Just how terrific was it? Several of the scripts were recycled for use in color episodes of The Saint. But the originals in Danger Man are the best. As for Patrick McGoohan, he has never surpassed his role in this series. And, yes, that statement applies to his over-hyped and underwhelming portrayal as Number Six in The Prisoner. All the Danger Man episodes, including the earlier run of 30 minute episodes, are available on DVD. And that’s probably the only way anyone will ever see them in this day and age, as even cable channels are now becoming averse to running black and white hour long dramas from forty or more years ago.

Three years after the original “Danger Man” series concluded, it was revamped and continued in a longer format. (1 hour/episode instead of 30 minutes). John Drake was now a Special Security Agent for MI9, getting his exotic assignments exclusively from Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This version of the series introduced far more Bond-like gadgets, from exploding tie-pins to tape-recording shavers, and emphasized fast action. Written by Marg Baskin

Brief Episode Guide:

Episode 1: Yesterday’s Enemies – October 13, 1964

Drake faces one of the most difficult and worrying tasks of his career when a former British agent sets up his own highly unusual espionage network.

Episode 2: The Professionals – October 20, 1964

In the grim, bizarre world of international intrigue, no one knows which side a man’s loyalties lie – not even his wife.

Episode 3: Colony Three – October 27, 1964

Drake discovers a strange “little piece of England” in an Eastern European country when he takes the place of a defector.

Episode 4: The Galloping Major – November 3, 1964

The struggle for independence is only the first chapter in the story of an emergent African nation – the battle for power is the next step…

Episode 5: Fair Exchange – November 10, 1964

Drake meets up again, in dramatic circumstances, with a former colleague – a beautiful girl who refuses to forget the past.

Episode 6: Fish on the Hook – November 17, 1964

It’s a fishy business for Drake, but this fish is not of the marine variety and is a very big fish indeed!

Episode 7: The Colonel’s Daughter – November 24, 1964

Butterflies, beauty and blackmail forge a strange link in a chain stretching right into the heart of the Indian jungle for Drake.

Episode 8: The Battle of the Cameras – December 1, 1964

The sophisticated, sparkling world of casinos, glamorous girls and champagne goes hand-in-hand with dangerous intrigue for Drake.

Episode 9: No Marks for Servility – December 8, 1964

Drake becomes a servant and throws new light on what goes on ‘below stairs’ when he investigates a suspected big-time international swindler.

Episode 10: A Man to be Trusted – December 15, 1964

Witchcraft and espionage become intermingled for Drake when he gets involved with three women on a West Indies island.

Episode 11: Don’t Nail Him Yet – December 22, 1964

Drake plays a tense cat-and-mouse game with an agent suspected of smuggling naval secrets.

Episode 12: A Date with Doris – December 29, 1964

Drake goes to the Caribbean to rescue a badly injured agent who has been framed for murder.

Episode 13: That’s Two of Us Sorry – January 5, 1965

Drake hunts a man, missing for twenty years, whose fingerprints have been found on a briefcase involved in a top secret theft.

Episode 14: Such Men are Dangerous – January 12, 1965

Drake masquerades as an ex-convict to help him penetrate a vicious secret society whose objective is to murder political leaders.

Episode 15: Whatever Happened to George Foster? – January 19, 1965

Drake wages a lonely battle against a millionaire tycoon – a battle against one of the most powerful men in Britain.

Episode 16: A Room in the Basement – February 2, 1965

Drake leads an audacious and dangerous combined operation by British agents to rescue a colleague being held in an Eastern European embassy.

Episode 17: The Affair at Castelevara – February 9, 1965

Revolution leaves its trail of emotion, fear and bitterness for many years after the fighting. Drake is tasked to stop the execution of the previous ruler.

Episode 18: The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove – February 17, 1965

Drake experiences hallucinations after suffering a car crash. Confused, he is accused of putting his job in jeopardy because he has not paid his gambling debts.

Episode 19: It’s up to the Lady – February 23, 1965

Where should a wife’s loyalty lie when her husband becomes a traitor? With her husband? Her family? Her country?

Episode 20: Have a Glass of Wine – March 2, 1965

Drake follows the devious trail of military espionage from the English Air and Armament Experimental Establishment to the South of France.

Episode 21: The Mirror’s New – March 9, 1965

Paris is not so gay for Drake when he goes to the capital to investigate the disappearance of a British Embassy official.

Episode 22: Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet – March 16, 1965

The kidnapping of a couple employed on atomic weapons research leads Drake into an unexpected partnership with a glamorous Russian agent.


Extras include a short video of interviews with some guest stars, a video photo gallery of the episodes, and PDFs of the original scripts.


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