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Various – Danger Man [Season 3] (1965 – 1966)

Three years after the original “Danger Man” series concluded, it was revamped and continued in a longer format. (1 hour/episode instead of 30 minutes). John Drake was now a Special Security Agent for M9, getting his exotic assignments exclusively from Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This version of the series introduced far more Bond-like gadgets, from exploding tie-pins to tape-recording shavers, and emphasized fast action. Written by Marg Baskin

Brief Episode Guide:
Episode 1: The Black Book – September 30, 1965

Drake finds that a request to investigate a case of blackmail leads into an unexpected situation when he takes a trip to Paris.

Episode 2: A Very Dangerous Game – October 7, 1965

Drake is sent to Singapore in an effort to infiltrate the top level of opposition Intelligence, impersonating an English defector to do so.

Episode 3: Sting in the Tail – October 14, 1965

Drake takes a calculated risk when he sets out to provoke the jealousy of am assassin he is trying to lure out of Beirut, using the killer’s exotic girlfriend as bait.

Episode 4: You Are Not in Any Trouble, Are You? – October 21, 1965

Drake deliberately employs a Murder Inc. to assassinate him in the hope of being led to the mastermind behind the organisation.

Episode 5: Loyalty Always Pays – October 28, 1965

Drake investigates a case of ploitical treachery in Africa when he investigates the death of an agent who had been investigating a secret treaty with the Chinese.

Episode 6: The Mercenaries – November 4, 1965

Drake joins a mercenary army as a private to investigate the army’s activities in Africa after the murder of an MI9 agent who had previously been assigned to the unit.

Episode 7: Judgement Day – November 11, 1965

Drake acts as defending counsel in a bizarre ‘trial’ held in the middle of the desert when he is sent to the Middle East to escort a threatened scientist to safety.

Episode 8: The Outcast – November 18, 1965

A pretty WRNS officer is murdered in Gibraltar – and Drake has to find a missing radio operator who is known to be somewhere in Spain.

Episode 9: English Lady Takes Lodgers – November 25, 1965

A beautiful English girl in Lisbon, a smuggling racket and a search for an agency exchanging stolen secrets all lead Drake into intrigue and danger.

Episode 10: Are You Going to be More Permanent? – December 2, 1965

Drake uses himself as bait to track down a double agent – one of three agents operating out of Switzerland.

Episode 11: To Our Best Friend – December 9, 1965

Drake finds himself torn between friendship and duty when he has to investigate an old colleague who may be a traitor.

Episode 12: The Man on the Beach – December 16, 1965

Drake is accused of being a double agent when he goes to Jamaica to follow up a report of a traitor in their own espionage network.

Episode 13: Say It With Flowers – December 23, 1965

Drake goes to Switzerland to investigate the reported death of a man who was allegedly an agent who would work for the highest bidder.

Episode 14: The Man Who Wouldn’t Talk – December 30, 1965

Drake is sent to rescue an MI9 regional controller who has been captured and is being tortured to reveal the names of his contacts.

Episode 15: Someone is Liable to Get Hurt – January 6, 1966

Drake poses as an arms salesman and journeys to the Caribbean to investigate reports that the leader of the opposition is planning a coup.

Episode 16: Dangerous Secret – January 13, 1966

Drake is investigating a research scientist who accidentally produces a deadly bacteriological agent when he mysteriously disappears.

Episode 17: I Can Only Offer You Sherry – January 20, 1966

Idealism places a quiet Embassy girl statistician in peril when she is sent to the Middle East. When she is suspected of leaking secrets, Drake is sent to investigate.

Episode 18: The Hunting Party – January 27, 1966

Drake becomes a manservant to a wealthy family whilst investigating the leakage of secrets in very high circles.

Episode 19: Two Birds with One Bullet – March 10, 1966

Drake steps into a murder trap made for him by a beautiful double agent in the Caribbean when he is accused of the killing she commits.

Episode 20: I am Afraid You Have the Wrong Number – March 17, 1966

Drake plays a grim and dangerous type of Russian Roulette with members of a spy ring to discover which one has betrayed a missing British spy.

Episode 21: The Man With the Foot – March 24, 1966

A holiday is forced on Drake when, in going to the aid of his MI9 superior, his cover is blown and a freelance agent discovers his real identity.

Episode 22: The Paper Chase – March 31, 1966

Drake’s efforts to retrieve confidential papers stolen from a friend lead him into acute danger in Rome.

Episode 23: Not So Jolly Roger – April 7, 1966

Drake becomes a disc jockey, spinning the turntable to the eerie tune of mysterious events at a ‘pirate’ radio station on a lonely sea fort.

Extras include a video photo gallery of the episodes, PDFs of the original scripts and the 1965 & 66 Danger Man Annuals, as well as a range of trailers and other assorted goodies!



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