1961-1970DramaUSSRYevgeni Karelov

Yevgeni Karelov – Tretiy taym aka The Third Half (1963)


google translate:
At the heart of the film is a real fact: a football match between a team of German invaders and our prisoners of war. This happened in Kiev in 1942. The price of victory for the Soviet team is death. In the event of the victory of the Germans, freedom was promised to the Russians …- The prize for the heroic-patriotic decision of the sports theme at the 1st WCF of sports films in Moscow (1966)

Synopsis by Sandra Brennan
In this factual war drama set during WW II, a soccer match between an excellent German team and Soviet POWS is chronicled. The game, designed to show off the superior skills of the Germans, occurs in occupied Kiev. To insure they win, they tell the Soviets that they either lose or die. The Soviets, realizing that their game could have a direct effect upon the moral of their countrymen sacrifice their lives and win the game.

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