2001-2010Christophe FarnarierDocumentarySpain

Christophe Farnarier – El somni AKA A dream (2008)


Man has shepherded his flock since the beginning of time, so long in fact that the nomadic shepherd has become part of our collective consciousness. Joan Pipa is the last in the line of a millenarian tradition on the verge of extinction. We accompany him on his last trek through the Catalan Pyrenees and as the days go by we discover the past and present of a man who loves his way of life and exudes the pleasure of life at one with nature. In recent years however, rural depopulation, industrialization, construction on an unparalleled scale, the proliferation of new roads and infrastructure and climate change have combined to put an end to a dream. Where do we go from here? Is the disappearance of nomadic shepherds a sign of progress, or are we witnessing the death of our civilization?

Making this film was a vital experience for me. By painting the portrait of a free man, I have tried to sketch an outline of humanity itself. I walked by his side, scrutinising his face, his hands, his feet, listening to the words he spoke, sharing his intimacy and his authenticity. “A dream” was conceived as a cinematographic poem, a search for my own visual language within simplicity, aesthetically pure ans stripped of all artifice. I would like to transmit the sensorial richness of nature, and to evoke the absolute beauty and the immense frailty of humankind and the world in which we live.

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Subtitles:English, Francaise, Spanish, Catalonian

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