1991-2000David GattenExperimentalShort FilmUSA

David Gatten – Hardwood Process (1996)


Silent, 14-minute short.

A history of scarred surfaces, an inquiry, and an imagining: for the marks we see and the marks we make, for the languages we can read and for those we are trying to learn. Reproduced by hand on an old contact printer resulting in individual, unique release prints.

“… David Gatten, in his film HARDWOOD PROCESS, proposes that the scarred surfaces of our physical world are actually the visual dimension of secret languages and exotic vocabulary. HARDWOOD PROCESS traffics in chemically manipulated and optically reprinted images of this world. Marks on scruffy floor boards, swirls of dust and fallen hairs, weather bruised walls of an old barn, words etched into film, vividly colored and solarized windows, fields aglow with otherworldly light, lover’s hands feeling lover’s hands, painterly abstraction that borders on blind light, the darkly voided screen itself – Gatten mindfully, imaginatively, poetically, generously regards these marked realms not as chaos, not as visual noise, but as enigmatic languages.” – Zack Stiglicz

170MB | 13mn 40s | 704×480 | mkv





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