Mia Hansen-Løve – Eden (2014) (HD)


Mia Hansen-Løve’s Eden, co-written with her brother Sven Hansen-Løve, is based on 20 years of his life as a DJ of electronic music, during the heyday of French Touch. While it is as personal as her previous film Un amour de jeunesse, the rhythm of Eden is structured by the music. Authenticity remains key, which does not necessarily mean naturalism. Hansen-Løve’s momentary excursions into animation, split screen, and possibly re-writing of world history are the most effective parts. EyeForFilm

In the early 1990s, France’s electronic music revolution is well underway. Paul, a disk-jockey, has just made his debut in the Parisian night scene. With his best friend he has created the musical duo Cheers. Success comes quickly and in no time they are performing in some of the biggest nightclubs in the capital. This is just the start of their euphoric rise to fame, although their success will prove to be short-lived and not without its hazards…FdF

5.12GB | 2h 11mn | 1920×808 | mkv


Language(s):French, English

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