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Takashi Makino – Still in Cosmos (2009)


A product purposed of an installation project held at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Recomposed as completed film work in 2009.

It originally was theme for “Complete Chaos” visualized bydouble exposure method, however it appeared entire opposite phenomenon as “Birth of Cosmos”, and that is unparalleled miraculous story behind the film.

This film visually demonstrates the fact that human has ability to change Chaos to Cosmos.
A transcend Free Jazz sound is presented by band Osorezan commanded of Jim O’Rourke.
Now images and sound break the wall of the universe and plunge in the new world.

“In Search of the Not-Yet-Seen Ideal Film?”

What shall I call the films that I produced? I have avoided calling them “experimental films.” That is because the existing films that are called “experimental films” neither influenced me nor did I consider myself being active in the context.

Especially in Japan, I perceived “experimental films” as belonging to a stereotyped genre of films with a closed and established culture. I felt that my “ideal film” did not exist there.

What is an ideal film? I saw my first hallucination in the form of an image at the age of five, when I was in a serious traffic accident that made me wander between life and death. It was a dream of a flight through an eternal night of endless darkness, in a place filled with lights more brilliant than any image I had ever seen. When I vaguely saw a green horizon, which seemed like the final destination of the flight, I realized that I was going to die.

Just when I tried to break out of the unconscious state, as if trying to break loose from an extremely strong sleep paralysis, I opened my eyes. I was on an operating table. What I thought was the sun turned out to be the light above the operating table. The green horizon that I was seeing was my electrocardiogram. That was when my dream and reality joined together in their entirety. Although unconsciously, I had an experience in which what was happening to my body in reality had entered my dream and affected me.

Ever since I can remember, I was a boy indulged in movies. However, no movie affected me so strongly like the images I saw in my dream. There was no creative movie that could directly affect my dream or imagination through the experience of simply seeing it.

Since the time I wrote a paper entitled “The Infinitely Expanding Sensory World and Film” around when I was 17 years old, I have been pursuing my “ideal film.” I continue to dream about an unshaped, organic lump-like film that links with the consciousness and mental state of the viewers as well as each individual’s memories and never ceases to change.

Now, I may well be able to call these five films that I produced on my path to attaining that “ideal film” as “experimental films.”

August 29, 2010 Makino Takashi

808MB | 17mn 47s | 720×405 | mkv



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