Mani Kaul – Nazar AKA The Gaze (1990)


From the back of the case:
After his wife’s death, the husband recalls their first meeting and marriage. She was much younger than him. She used to pawn some things to an antique shop to make a little money. The husband is increasingly intrigued by her mindset. As things develop, he finds out that she was an orphan living with two aunts. The film explores their complex life in a manner unusual for Indian cinema.

From IMDb:
Based on F. Dostkeyfski’s “The Meek One”, this is the saga of a Bombay-based antique dealer-cum-money lender, who at the age of 40, marries a woman who is 17, and brings her home to his spacious flat in a multi-storied building with a magnificent view, where he lives with his Bua. Their marriage is not a happy one, even though he hopes it will get better. But the bride, who had lived her live in an orphanage, is immersed in her own thoughts, and at one point even held a revolver against her husband’s head while he was sleeping. Shortly thereafter, he confronts her that he was aware of this incident, and that the revolver did contain one bullet. Watch what impact this has on their lives.

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