Alejandro Amenábar – Abre los ojos AKA Open Your Eyes (1997)


What is waking? What is dream? What is reality? What is fantasy? What is sanity? What is madness?

Such questions pervade “Open Your Eyes,” a psychological thriller directed by Alejandro Amenabar. “Open Your Eyes,” which darts among such relative novelties as virtual reality and cryogenics, is at bottom a retelling of the story of Job for a vain, materialistic, selfish age.

Handsomely filmed in Madrid with an attractive cast, this Spanish feature is unlikely to satisfy those who insist on linear storytelling and pat endings. But in its deliberately vexing way, “Open Your Eyes” is a film with enough intellectual meat on its stylish bones to give more adventurous moviegoers something to chew on afterward.

1.46GB | 1:53:49 | 704×368 | avi

Subtitles English idx/sub

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this and all the other treasures.
    There’s a problem with part 2. I’ve downloaded it twice.

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