1951-1960Alexandre AstrucDramaFrance

Alexandre Astruc – Le rideau cramoisi (1953)


Plot: A young second lieutenant in the hussars, garrisoned in the provinces, recalls a strange adventure. While staying with an old couple he meets Albertine, his hosts’ daughter, falls in love with her and, after wooing her assiduously, makes her his mistress. But then one night she dies in his arms…

The combined talents of Anouk Aimée and Astruc have lent the mysterious Albertine a nobler passion, a wilder abandon, a haughtier aloofness, and a more painful ardour than in Barbey’s short story. From this story Astruc has crafted an extremely beautiful piece of cinema: the subject has been ennobled, the style refined to the limit. Jean-José Richer, Cahiers du cinéma, mars 1953

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