Bohdan Kosinski – Lubelska Starówka AKA Lublin’s Old Town (1956)


About this movie:
One of the most interesting films in the black series, describing reality in strongly, ironic and sarcastic manner. The aim is not only to intervene, but to expose the method of falsyfying reality. The camera looks into the corners of Renaissance Lublin’s Old Town, renovated for the 10th anniversary of the People’s Republic of Poland: piles of rubbish, dogs wandering around the dirty children treating such places as their playground.

The importance of these films lies (…) not only in the sharp and critical tone they adopt, nor in the function of direct social intervention they perform. These films show some kind of rehabilitation of a social documentary’s general sense. For the first time in years viewers are brutally and provocatively attacked, which makes them forget that they are sitting in front of the screen. They are treated with a highly meaningful piece of reality, presented with passion and with no resistance, in an observant and intelligent way. (…) The projection room becomes filled with strong excitement. Polish film has not long been able to unleash so many powerful feelings and shrewd thoughts in the spectators. (…) Such is the signal that we are witnessing a significant event in the history of Polish cinema. Bolesław Michałek, “Polish Documentary” 1956

73MB | 05:07 | 640 x 464 | avi

Subtitles:English, SRT

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