Paul Verhoeven – De worstelaar AKA The Wrestler (1970)

Synopsis: A man fools around with the wife of a wrestler.

IMDB Review:

Funny early Verhoeven short – preparatory to features
Author: ([email protected]) from east coast usa
3 January 2004

This 20 minute movie was the last of Verhoeven’s shorts. It has the same super-ugly look (clashing, bleary colors, aggressively non-attractive people and compositions) that is characteristic of his early features, and the same raunchy bitterly ironic humor too. Made in 1970 – it is a typical (except anyone as talented as Verhoeven is never typical) example of swinging 60s sexual morality. Well paced, nicely amoral and with Verhoeven closet-fascist (I share his views entirely) disgust with the grossness and worthlessness of the age in which we live palpable beneath the surface. Wickedly, deadpan-ironic and confrontational as only Paul Verhoeven can be. All in all – it is a Paul Verhoeven picture and better in some ways than his early features – certainly better than the one about the Amsterdam hooker.

I’d sure love to see his other shorts – especially the one on Mussart and the Dutch Marines.


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  1. Hello CotW admin, first-timer here.

    Is it possible to reupload Paul Verhoeven’s short De worstelaar AKA The Wrestler (1970)?
    Also, is there another place to post (new) requests apart from the comment section under each title?

    Thanks in advance, and thank you for building and maintaining this site like a 21st century H. Langlois.

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