Vera Chytilová – Vyhnání z ráje aka Expulsion From Paradise (2001)

Rostislav sitting on the beach with friend Peter philosophize about who is he – a creation of God or the Devil. Their conversation is interrupted by a naked man from a nearby nudist beach “Paradise”, which is looking for a doctor. At this point it appears that the doctor is both an experimental film’s director.

Vyhnání z ráje is an avangard tragicomedy / parable. Chytilová, many years to shoot in the Czech Republic provocative films, succumbed to the general trend in European cinema to the emancipation of the show nudity, but brought it to the point of absurdity, showing shooting a movie – philosophical and existential avant-garde: a large number of people with completely naked figures in a wide variety of Fellini must be intended by the director to portray hell, paradise, primitive society – and freeing a man as he is, give a mighty symbolist mural being. In short, removed masterpiece. The shooting process of Vyhnání z ráje in the meantime is teeming with small skirmishes, household. Russian producer of foul language, his daughter Eve plays and sleeps with the director, the director’s wife arrives with her daughters. The actor – and at the usual human relationships and situations, but all in the nude. It’s funny human anthill that has always known how to show Chytilová is in the nature of direct dogmovski: Interesting peeped “real” life. And what about the movie? And the film is naturally merged with life: like (director) philosophical masterpiece, like (some of the actors) Group, and was as usual: a sinister human comedy, and certainly not without tragedy.

1.77GB | 2h 3mn | 765×414 | mkv


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