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Yuri Zhelyabuzhsky – Papirosnitsa ot Mosselproma aka The cigarette girl of Mosselprom [+Extras] (1924)


Though many casual film fans are of the opinion that the Russian silent cinema began and ended with Montage and Propaganda, several charming romantic comedies and dramas emanated from the Soviet film industry of the 1920s. The Cigarette Girl of Mosselprom tells the tale of a young man who falls in love with the title character (Yulia Solnsteva). She becomes a famous film star, and herself falls in love–not with the hero, but with her cameraman. No one ever gets what he or she truly wants in the story, though they continue to pursue their lost dreams to the bitter end. Revelling in The Unexpected throughout, Cigarette Girl of Mosselprom is capped by an adroit surprise ending. (Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide)

Wonderful Soviet, silent comedy directed by Yuri Zhelyabuzhsky. Filmed on the streets of Moscow in the early 1920s. A young cigarette girl is seduced by the idea of becoming a film star and gives up her job. Many men fall in love with her, (who wouldn’t). Complications arise.

The cigarette girl is played by the intense, dark eyed beauty, Yulia Solnsteva. She was married to Alexander Dovzhenko and they co-directed a number of films together

The wonderfully buffoonish Mityushin (Igor Ilyinsky), a great comic creation
MacBride – the American financier

Mosselprom was a huge concern, uniting flour-grinding, confectionary, chocolate, beer and tobacco factories. It was situated in an 11 story house which was one of the highest buildings in Moscow.

2 animated shorts from the same Mejrabpom-Rus studio :
.Vavila le terrible & Tante Arina (1928 – 7mn), directed by Nicholas Khodotaev
.La patinoire (1927 – 7 mn) directed by Yuri Zhelyabuzhsky

Russian intertitles
English & French subtitles

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