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Aleksandr Medvedkin – Noch Nad Kitaem AKA Night Over China (1971)

Description: Soviet documentary “defending the Chinese people from their enemies, the Maoists”. NB: The film clearly documents the activities of the Red Guards although it never mentions them by name. This has been reflected in the cataloguing. Also, ‘Peking’ has been used instead of ‘Beijing’, again to reflect the content of the film.

This Soviet propaganda film with English narration supposedly exposing Maoism. ~ All Movie Guide

An extraordinary document from one of the Cold War’s bitterest conflicts–between the Soviet Union and Communist China– this film spares no quarter in its indictment of Maoist evils and misrule. Includes many remarkable sequences, drawn from Chinese, Polish, Western as well as Soviet sources, illustrating the grandeur and folly of China’s fallen Revolution. Notable scenes depict the early upheavals of rural land reform, the backyard steel furnace campaign of the Great Leap Forward; and the Cultural Revolution (including Mao’s celebrated swim in the Yangtze River, surrounded by swimming phalanxes of banner-waving Red Guards).

400MB | 00:52:32 | 512 x 384 | avi


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